About Helpico

The social mission of the coin HELPICO is to create an international ecosystem facilitating charitable initiatives.

The coin HELPICO is a convenient payment tool for charitable and humanitarian aid organizations, as well as for solving other social tasks for the benefit of nature and the society. Using blockchain technology in charity work has significant advantages as compared to the conventional ways of providing humanitarian aid and charitable assistance, namely: - it streamlines and facilitates money transfers around the world; - it provides for maximum transparency of financial operations.

HELPICO is not a charity foundation.
HELPICO is a convenient tool that allows to simplify, speed up and secure charitable activities. Alongside with the launch of the coin HELPICO, the initiating team starts their own charitable activity – helping nature and planet Earth. The acquired contributions will be distributed among the following funds: funds for nature and wildlife preservation, animal assistance, homeless animals protection, and other organizations providing assistance and protection to wildlife. The contributions for this activity will be acquired via mining of the coins HELPICO. At the moment, the Helpico coin is at an early stage of its formation, the infrastructure of the coin is being developed, the active search for funds and organizations in need of assistance continues, in accordance with the conditions of the project’s charitable program: "Helping Wildlife on Planet Earth".


Key features of Helpico

Secure decentralize

No one controls your funds except you, no one blocks and takes them away

Donation Assistance

We do not charge large fees to people; you yourself help communities. All transactions are publicly available and visible to everyone. No money laundering, etc.

Personal data must be isolated

The mystery of identity on the Internet has become a global problem. Satoshi developed a breakthrough system where there are no people, and there are only wallet, transaction numbers and other anonymous data. This is a kind of mask show where there is no mistrust.


Why Choose Helpico?

We are a team of enthusiasts who believes that with the help of Helpico we will create a better world and with us charity will reach a new level where there is no gain, but only the desire of people to help each other. We have no winners, no territorial boundaries, but only a desire to help.

Secured User Data

No one will know who you are.

Most Credibility

All transactions are visible to the entire community, so there are no hidden fees, everything is publicly available and cannot be faked

Big Data Insights

Everything is centralized and community controlled. The source code is visible in the public domain.

Helpico Coin

Our coin with a real use case created on a blockchain network and not offering third-party blockchains.

Donations Information

Public Sale Starts 1th Oct 2019 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends 31th Dec 2019 12:00 GMT
Helpico Allocated for donations 1.800.000
Stage 1 October 1 Helpico = 1.8 $
Stage 2 November 1 Helpico = 2 $
Stage 3 December 1 Helpico = 2.8 $
Accepted ETH, BTC


Register & Buy Minimum donation: 10 Helpico
10% Bonus
End at 15 Oct, 2019 with a donation of more than 250 Helpico
Start at 15 Oct, 2019 with a donation of more than 1000 Helpico

Helpico Coin


Read what we have already done

We do not speak unfoundedly and promise, we have been developing for more than a year.

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Wallets

Helpiсo wallet is a safe and at the same time convenient and familiar to all wallet.

Helpico Social Network APP


How i can use Helpico coin wallet?

First of all, you need to download Helpico coin wallet and install this app. You can use the app Win/Mac/Linux. Then you can start to use the wallet to send or receive Helpico coins.

You should write a letter about your idea to our team. Also, you need to attach a photo or video confirming your idea to the letter. The project team will appreciate your idea and if it meets our philosophy and values, we will place your project in our catalogue.

It's very simple. You can send some amount of Helpico coins on our Helpico wallet. Address Helpico wallet we will send you on request. You can also directly help to people or organizations represented in our catalog. All that is required is to send any amount of Helpico coins to the wallet of the selected organization.

There are five possible options:

  1. You can purchase Helpico coins directly on the official website helpico.io by clicking on the button «BUY HELPICO».
  2. You can buy Helpico coins (ticker HELP) on the exchange.
  3. You can take part in the mining of Helpico coins.
  4. You can become a member of Helpico network as a Masternode.
  5. You can leave a request on the site in the form of feedback: «LEAVE A REQUEST», in order to add your profile to the site in the catalog section and receive charitable assistance.

1. Register a wallet HELPICO
- download from the website helpico.io desktop wallet,
- or sign up with the exchange, and the exchange wallet will be created automatically.
2. Send an email application:
The application shall include the following:
- contact details,
- the purpose of acquiring help,
- a short video file,
- number of the wallet HELPICO.
3. Get an email confirmation of your application.
4. Receive coins to your wallet HELPICO - if necessary, transfer the coins from the desktop wallet to the exchange wallet.
5. Exchange your coins HELPICO at for fiat money or other crypto currency.
6. If there is no exchange for Fiat money on the exchange where the Helpico coins are traded, then you exchange the coins for any cryptocurrency traded in pairs with the Helpico coin, for example, on the BTC.
7. To exchange the received cryptocurrency for Fiat money, you transfer the BTC to an exchange where you can exchange the BTC for the Fiat currency you are interested in.

1. Register a wallet HELPICO
- if you already have a HELPICO desktop wallet, there is no need to create an additional exchange wallet,
- if you have an exchange wallet, there is no need to create an additional desktop wallet.
2. To purchase HELPICO coins to your desktop wallet, you can here: https://buy.helpico.io/
- at the moment, Helpico coins can be purchased by exchanging them for BTC or ETH, 
- before the exchange, you need to check and, if necessary, replenish the balance of your BTC or Ethereum wallet.
3. To purchase HELPICO coins to your exchange wallet
- you need sign up with the exchange, and the exchange wallet be created automatically, 
- you need to transfer Fiat money or cryptocurrency (for example BTC) to the exchange,
 in accordance with the rules of the exchange on which the Helpico coins is traded
4. Transfer the required amount of Helpico coins from your HELPICO wallet to the wallet of the person requesting help (provide charitable assistance)
- you can transfer the money from the desktop wallet,
- you can transfer the money from the exchange wallet.
Anyone can provide charitable assistance to those who need it. To do so, one should browse the applications in the catalogue and choose the persons/organizations they are willing  to help.
If you want to provide charitable assistance but you have no free funds at the moment, you can download and install to your PC our software for mining the coins HELPICO, mine the required amount of the coins and transfer it to the person you are willing to help. Besides, a certain amount of the coins you mined will automatically be sent to charity – to help wildlife and nature.

Anyone but residents of the United States of America or other States, countries, territories or jurisdictions where the purchase, sale and possession of cryptocurrencies is illegal or contrary to local law, buy, own and sell HELPICO coins entirely at their own risk.

HELPICO is a decentralized network. HELPICO does not issue any certificates and notifications about transactions, both within the HELPICO network itself, and the exchange of HELPICO coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. For tax authorities of any countries and jurisdictions, HELPICO does not issue any supporting documents regarding charity events or any other charitable activity using HELPICO coins.

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