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In total there were four mountains: Toratau, Yuraktau, Kushtau and the already non-existent Shakhtau. They began to form another 230 million years ago. The territory on which the mountains are now, was the seabed (Perm Sea). The shells and skeletal elements of marine organisms accumulated on the reefs of 50 million years. As a result, the rock – limestone was formed.
 The Sterlitamak group of mountains is part of a grandiose ancient reef system.
 The mountains rose to the surface only 20 million years ago and their flora and fauna are unique!
 Toratau alone has 904,061 “Red Book” species, at Yuraktau - 310,802. There are endemics here — that is, species that live only in this area, as well as relict plants — so ancient that there are no such places ANYWHERE on Earth!!!
 Shakhtau Mountain was destroyed by the Bashkir Soda Company, and in return Sterlitamak received "white seas" in tens of hectares. “White seas” are artificial pits, into which soda production wastes are drained.
 For decades, hazardous production waste, a distillate liquid, has been dumped into these pits. This is a threat of ecological disaster not only for the Belaya River, but also for the Volga River!
 Upon returning home, our mountains meet us with their miraculous beauty. And the poisonous "seas" of waste created by the Bashkir Soda Company greets us with a terrible stench. "Enjoy" the stink of these "seas" = this is what the "alternative" now exists for us.

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