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We are a group of volunteers - rescue swifts from all over Russia. Among us there are veterinarians, zoologists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians and programmers. In our group there are experienced rescuers as well as novices in this field.
 Very often, remote consultation saves the life of a bird, since in small towns it is very difficult to get competent advice from an ornithologist.
 Each of our advice is a personal experience, a recommendation from an ornithologist, or information gathered from swifts rescue centers in Spain and Germany. We are trying to be as careful as possible with medical treatment of swifts, and we are trying to find the contact of a good veterinarian in YOUR city for in-person consultation.
 We are not a shelter. We do not take the birds for living or feeding. But we can help with finding a home for the bird, if we see your ad.
 Swifts are one of the cleanest birds on the planet.
 After damage to the wing (dislocation, fracture), the swift will no longer be able to fly. This is very sad, but unfortunately it is.

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