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My name is Kirill. I live in the city of St. Petersburg. The city is located on the Neva River. And all the water that flows into the apartments comes from the Neva. But what do we actually drink? The river belongs to the third class of pollution. The most dangerous is the fifth. According to experts, in addition to H2O, copper, zinc, manganese, iron and organic matter are abundant (these are biological and mineral pollution, which contain carbon). Where does all this come from? These are household discharges, and toxic wastes of enterprises fall into one pipe, and then this mixture is either discharged directly into rivers, or goes to the municipal sewage treatment plant. As a result, many hazardous substances are discharged into the waters of the Gulf of Finland from sewage treatment plants, which the authorities are well aware of. That is why they were frightened by an independent assessment of the quality of wastewater and refused Greenpeace in the request to openly take samples at city aeration stations. My films will show who pollutes what and how. And how to deal with it.

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