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This is the largest information portal to help homeless animals in Omsk.
 WE DO NOT HAVE A OFFICIAL ANIMAL SHELTER. We keep animals at home overexposure and in veterinary hospitals.
 Our team consists of several hundreds of active participants who invest their strength and soul every day in our common cause, as well as people who, to the extent possible, also help us. After all, the misfortune of abandoned animals is our common fault.
 Under our care fall abandoned, lost animals, and those who never knew what the owner. With our help, more than 6 thousand animals in trouble have found new owners.
Now on the maintenance of our volunteers are more than 150 animals who are looking for a home. All animals, examined by veterinarians, are healthy and, as far as possible, neutered and sterilized. All of them are waiting for their owner! Different destinies, different characters, but there is also a common one: almost every one of them has suffered in the past from betrayal, cruelty or indifference of a person. And everyone - forgiven. And again he believed in man.
 Join our team! You can help save someone's life now!

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