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We receive requests for the rescue of horses that face slaughter or who need urgent veterinary assistance. After the “alarm”, the information is checked and the fundraising for the ransom begins, as well as the search for a place to put the horse - after all, EquiHelp does not have its base, as there are no sponsors and, accordingly, funds are limited. All rescued wards can be maintained and treated only through charitable contributions from caring people.
 The main job of raising funds and finding new owners for horses that have restored their health is through the Internet. In good hands, horses are given away completely free of charge, but EquiHelp continues to monitor their fate and checks the conditions of their former pets.
 We accept any help - both material, the size of which you set yourself, and physical - our horses stand on different stables and the EquiHelp team often needs help to care for the rescued horses.
 If you know a horse that needs help, call 8 (495) 961-4809. After all, every horse that came to this world deserves a happy life and green meadows not only behind the Rainbow Bridge, but also living here on Earth. Next to us.

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