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Ornamental rats - affectionate and loyal animals. They are very devoted to the owner, but they are betrayed. They need attention, they want to communicate, play, and some "loving" owners don't like this. And they throw rats out into the street.
 We are doing everything in our power to help such animals. Maybe you can help a little rat by taking her home. All rats are attached only under the contract.
  Over the years, the Foundation saved several hundred rats. And this is the main merit of loving krysovodov, without which we can not cope.
 You can take the rat for a while, while there is a search for a new house. Sometimes, during overexposure, the rats need treatment or / and a course of adaptation.
 It is also possible to transfer rat belongings (cages, carriers, bowls, drinkers, hammock) to the Foundation. Things find their use in the hospital, on overexposure or are given to the one who needs them now.
 Donations to the Rat Help Fund are welcome.

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