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Plastic causes serious damage to the environment, from its production to disposal. Plants producing plastic products emit up to 400 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere and about 800 species of animals today are threatened with extinction due to eating and poisoning with plastic. 
 Every year tens of thousands of birds, whales, seals, turtles die from this. 
 In an ideal world, clean water would be available in fountains and taps at every corner and people could safely drink it, filling up empty bottles. Then the need for water in plastic bottles would disappear by itself. 
 In the UK, in Bristol, a group of concerned citizens, led by activist Natalie Fi, came up with an interesting alternative to address this issue. With their help, the campaign "Refill" started in the city. Her goal: to send people who are tormented by thirst to local cafes, shops and hotels, which are ready to give them the opportunity to fill their bottles with drinking water for free. Anyone who is willing to do this and take part in the campaign, glues a special sign with the campaign emblem on their doors and showcases, and their location can be traced using a special application for smartphones. 
 The emblem of the campaign "Refill" on the door or window says that the water here is safe to drink and available to you. Now the idea has spread all over the world! In St. Petersburg, the vegetarian cafe "Rada & K" launched the campaign "Fill again."
This initiative brings together people who are concerned about the problem of plastic waste and who want to contribute to the preservation of the environment in their area or city. 
 If someone at least once a day takes the opportunity to fill a bottle with drinking water from the tap, then the annual flow of municipal waste is reduced by 73,000 plastic bottles. 

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