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My name is Mark. I saved Ray's little fox ( ). I bought it at a fur farm. He was doomed to death from the bites of dogs, which are taught to hunt. The "training" of dogs is based on the development of a dog's innate instinct to chase the beast. In the process of "learning" dogs inflict numerous wounds and injuries on wild animals, resulting in the death of the animal. 
 Our goal (and it has already become a family one) is to save as many foxes from their animal concentration camps as possible. 
 You will save the life of a doomed fox if you buy a fox on a fur farm. Buying foxes from fur farms do not sponsor them. When you buy a fox, the cage is released. When all animals die from permanent wounds or deadly bites, they remove the skins for the production of fur products. When all the cells are released and there will be a new arrival. But this is only a year later. 
 We cannot click our fingers and close the fur farms, but we save at least one life. 
 The group contains information to help those people who want to save the fox and take it to their home. If you want to let the rescued fox in freedom, you will have to teach her to live in the wild. 
 Thank you for understanding!

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