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I love my dog very much. His name is "Rat". His character is this: everything nibbles and drags into the house)). The vet examined him and made the necessary vaccinations. He likes to frolic in the park. He loves to bask in bed. When I leave home he sits by the window and waits for me. We have been together for almost 4 years. But lately he has become sad ... The veterinarian diagnosed cryptorchidism (monolateral species). 
 This is a dangerous disease that mainly affects puppies. In dogs, the testes are initially located in the abdominal cavity and as soon as the embryo begins to mature, they descend into the scrotum, following the inguinal canal. And if both testes do not fall into the scrotum - this is considered cryptorchidism. Unfortunately, so many pets suffer from this disease. 
 Since the disease was not detected in time, only one method of treating castration remains. 
 If you leave everything as it is, he will live no more than a year. 
 Who is to blame for the fact that the doctor did not find the problem at the time and did not solve it in a gentle way? 
 I believe that it is necessary to introduce a mandatory medical examination for all animals. To detect problems early on. And to solve them quickly. 
 Why is it important? - Pets do not always complain to the owner that something hurts and worries them, and this leads to the fact that often problems are detected only in the later stages, when the disease has gone far, when treatment usually takes more time and its cost increases significantly, and often even leads to irreversible consequences. 
 Take care of your loved ones !!!!!

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