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This group was created to tell you about the work of the Society of Voluntary Forest Firefighters. 
 In 2008, volunteers united to fight fires on islands in the north of Lake Ladoga, in Ladoga skerries. In the future, volunteer firefighters included the entire North-West region in their work, but fire-fighting work on Ladoga remains the most important project. Volunteers patrol the islands of Lake Ladoga, extinguish detected fires, conduct informational preventive work with tourists and fishermen. In 2017, the territory of the Ladoga skerries was granted the status of a National Park, voluntary firefighters are proud of their contribution to the preservation of islands from fire. During their work in Ladoga skerries, volunteers extinguished about 100 fires, both independently and together with Lakhdenpokhsky and Sortavalsky central forest districts and the Karelian Center for Aviation and Ground Forest Protection. 
 Our activities are carried out exclusively by volunteers - ordinary people who are not indifferent to what natural heritage we will leave to our descendants. 

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