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The project "Eco bags" was born in August 2017. at the Greenpeace volunteer meeting. 
 Our community brings together people who want to keep the world around clean. To do this, we ourselves use reusable packaging, we show that it is simple and interesting, we sew eco-bags for those who cannot or do not want. And we learn to sew Eco bags those who can, but do not know how and from what. 
 Here you will find: 
 * finished products 
 * contacts of masters in their cities who are ready to sew bags, shoe covers. 
 And if you are a master of sewing you can declare yourself. 
 In the section of goods you are waiting for a lot of bags, ecobags, reusable shoe covers and more! 
 Choose eco-products - any master will be able to send you his product by mail or by other means by agreement. 
 One eco bag instead of 1000 disposable packages! 
 Convenient and beautiful set of eco-bags instead of 10,000 plastic packaging bags! 
 A pair of reusable shoe covers, instead of 100 torn and discarded disposable. 
 Do you use reusable items for less rubbish? Do you want to help popularize the idea? Join now!

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