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They are unusual and beautiful. And they resemble aliens. We deal with sphinxes, Cornish Rex, Orientals, which were abandoned by people. These sphinxes require treatment and surgery. 
 And often need more and socialization after careless owners. 
 The team has practically no assistants, they constantly need cars, overexposure and pens. And they really need financial assistance. We want these so beautiful and such unfortunate creatures to find their second chance for a happy life. 
 All cats of the team are contained, treated and operated on donations, and are given in good hands for free. 
 Help us in the struggle for the health and happiness of sphinxes! Give them HOPE! 
 All our cats dream of finding a second CHANCE for LIFE - they all want treatment, they want to recover. They want to find a caring owner and a loving HOUSE! 
 Team and team wards really need your help !!!

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