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The activity of our public organization REOOO SD "Garden City - Yarushki" aims to preserve the integrity of the territory of the Yarushkinsky dendropark and its naturalness. 
The Yarushkinsky Dendrological Park is a unique bio-island, on the territory of which fossil remains of ancient animals were found, ancient legends are associated with its land and water bodies, on its meadows, rare plants and numerous animals and birds live in its forests. For 30 years, it has been a place where biology, ecology, physical education classes are held with students from nine schools, three youth clubs hold classes, and an ecological trail has operated. Dendropark is loved by adherents of a healthy lifestyle and family outdoor recreation. 
 Currently, an exposition dedicated to the arboretum is being prepared at the Museum of the History of the Ustinovskiy District. 
 Our work: an increase in biodiversity, that is, the multiplication of plant species (and animals) and beautiful landscapes, education in citizens of love and care for nature, environmental education. 
 This means that in the arboretum there should be trees and grass, a river, a pond, meadows, forest, slides, trails, natural paths, the sky, plants, animals, insects. People relax from the city, visiting the arboretum. For them there are picnic points, little beaches by the pond, water sources (plans are being made to arrange them). 
 The second name of the Yarushkinsky Arboretum is Iriy-Sad. Iriy is called the paradise of the ancient Eastern Slavs. Help save Paradise.

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