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"Good heart" is a group of people who are not indifferent to the animals of our city. 
The purpose of the shelter: the formation of moral principles in the spirit of mercy for animals. 
 Tasks of the shelter: 
 1) Promotion of measures aimed at regulating the number. 
 2) HOMELESS animals-sterilization-as an alternative to the destruction of animals. 
 3) Taking measures to find owners for stray animals in the shelter. 
 HOMELESS animals are accepted, which for one reason or another CAN NOT independently survive on the street (kittens, puppies, old animals, sick). 
 Upon admission to the shelter: 
 1) The animal is recorded in a journal. 
 2) The animal is quarantined: 
 a) the animal is treated for parasites; 
 b) the animal receives the necessary vaccinations against viral diseases; 
 c) The animal is sterilized; 
 d) If necessary, operations are performed on seriously ill animals. 
 3) After quarantine, dogs are placed in open-air cages, which are located on the street and are insulated with hay for the winter. Puppies are placed in winter enclosures, as closed as possible from the wind. Cats are placed in open-air cages, which are located in a heated room. 
 4) The maintenance, feeding and treatment of animals is carried out at the expense of voluntary donations of caring people. 
 Caring people! Help the shelter!

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