coins for charity

There is one thing in common that unites our wards: Everyone has no home, no master. All our animals have a difficult fate. Most of them went through physical pain. They experienced hunger, persecution, fear. And they were rescued by a team of volunteers. Now you can continue this mission! Take in your family someone from our wards. 
 Take a closer look at everyone and maybe, looking into someone's dog eyes, you will feel a dialogue. Dialogue in the language of feelings, sensations, without words and pragmatic calculation. Come to us and get acquainted !. Maybe a dog will appear in your house and life will become more interesting, more sensual. You give a dog many times more. Give happiness to be homemade! 
 We will be grateful for any help for our wards. If you have the desire and opportunity to help, then this can be done in several ways and right now!!! 

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