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This site is specifically dedicated to our unusual home companion - fox Vixey. He, like many other foxes, was born in terrible conditions on one of the fur farms in the Czech Republic. From the farm, he subsequently came to our care. Vixie found the best and happiest home in our country. The purpose of his salvation was and remains the coverage of serious problems in the fur industry. Every year only 50,000 animals die in the Czech Republic because of the fur. 
I believe that we must once and for all put an end to unnecessary mockery of animals on animal farms. 
 My project aims to support campaigns against the increasingly unsightly fur industry. The experience of my fox maintenance Vixey will push the efforts of all animal welfare organizations to spread information about this fundamental ethical problem that still exists in our civilized society. And it can help ensure a total ban on this cruel industry in our country and in the world. Therefore, I also believe that I will find in you not only understanding, but also invaluable support. 
 The goal of is to show people one of the thousands of creatures who will sooner or later pay for their extraordinary beauty and become victims of the greedy fashion industry. A fox is not just a fur, not a harmful "pest" or, possibly, a carrier of dangerous diseases. But in fact, he is a very rational being, a conscientious parent and, above all, an integral part of our nature. A creature that wants to live. 
 Finally, there is a simple question. What is a saved life in this imaginary sea of pain and suffering? The answer is simple - just a drop of hope. But even saving one creature from ridiculous difficulties makes sense and is worth considering, because it can open the eyes of others. 
 Vixey project is a dream. However, as I very much hope, this project will bring new hope to all those who are constantly fighting for the rights of animals, and especially for the rejection of natural fur. That he can reach out to many people and show them the right way. And this is his main goal. 

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