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I live in the village. Shop in our village in the winter does not work. Delivery of products in winter is bad. Have to live at the expense of his garden. I grow vegetables, fruits, grain. This year is a very snowy winter. And forest animals often come to our village: to find something edible. So that no one is hurt, I collect a whole bag of food for animals. I cook porridge, I put some apples, carrots, cabbage, hay, acorns, which I picked up in the fall in the forest. I put on skis and walk away from the village for 5 kilometers. There, in the clearing, I tamped up the snow and laid out the presents. The animals are happy and no one ruins the village. Have to visit the forest canteen almost every day. If I don’t come to forest animals for a long time, wolves howl again at night near the village. And at the edge of the village there are many traces of ungulates .... By the end of the winter, the stocks themselves are not enough. Therefore, even have to buy something in the city. It would be great if someone helped. I would just buy special food with vitamins. Forest animals also need vitamins.

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