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This group was created to RESCUE dogs, when simultaneously euthanized 5 dogs, and 5 days later another 5 perfectly healthy beautiful and young dogs, Rottweiler, husky... and that guy on the avatar...
 His death and the death of the same other young and beautiful dogs, just forced to talk about them, because there was no more strength to remain silent. And the people responded ... no one expected ... that it would touch so many hearts. This group appeared so that they LIVED, so that at least someone SAVE. Indeed, it is difficult for us when we have to give the dogs away...  and they are led away to where they will not return from...   And they FEEL and don’t want to leave, they look back, they ASK... eyes ask!!...  And even if it is not so many lives, we will take them out, because we already know how to do it, because the joyful eyes of our household will not stop us...
 The Pafiakos Shelter is located in Cyprus in the small town of Paphos. It seems that only paradise life should wait for dogs there. BUT at the shelter there is a huge rotation about 1,500 dogs per year, and it is designed for 500 and, unfortunately, the balance is maintained at the cost of someone's life!!!
 The creator of the group is Marianna Snadna, a fragile girl doctor from St. Petersburg, who several years ago came to this shelter and could not remain indifferent, she has been worrying about each dog for almost a year and delivering information to the group’s subscribers.
 Please help !!! Dogs want to live !!!

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