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The group was created to provide informational assistance to dogs that were lost, found and in trouble. 
 Hunting dog breeds found in the Urals: English Pointer, English Setter, Irish Setter, Scottish Setter (Gordon), German Kurzhaar, German Drathaar, Epanyol (Breton), Weimar Pointer, Russian Hound, Estonian Hound, Beagle, Harrier, Rhodesian Rye 
 1. We help dogs to the best of our abilities and strength, if we can accept a dog, we will accept it, if there are free places 
 2. If the dog is under our supervision, then the curator / team will take all decisions (about putting the dog into an overexposure or hospital, about the treatment and the necessary operation, about the stern, etc.) 
 3. We give you the dog and conclude a contract with you on responsibility for the life and health of the dog. 
 4. We kindly ask you to send us photos and reports on the condition of the dog from the new house. 
 We always need volunteers and help.

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