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The creator of the shelter is Patricia Ruiz. This is the first refuge in Latin America for animals with disabilities. We care and rehabilitate dogs with cancer, with missing limbs, blind, deaf, burned, tortured, paralyzed, raped and exposed to drugs, as well as other diseases. 
 Here we give them the opportunity to lead a decent life with food, shelter, places to run and play, and, above all, we give them love: what they never had. We get in return a lick or a tail full of happiness, and in other cases an expression of eternal gratitude. 
 We invite you to get acquainted with the nearly 300 dogs that live with us, their stories and their smiles. 
 There are no cells in Milagros Caninos; no dog is tied or locked, and everyone lives freely. 
 We have areas for: 
 dogs with disabilities 
 tortured dogs 
 dogs of the third age 
 animals with cancer 
 We open our doors to people with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, street children, autists and the elderly, who, within their capabilities and abilities, show us that they can be useful for society and this friendship between a dog and a person is real and creates connections. They cooperate in feeding and caring for our dogs. 
 We appreciate the participation of dog lovers who voluntarily cooperate during our excursions, exhibitions and special events. 
 We are ready to accept any of your help.

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