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The Great Patriotic War ... A terrible period in the history of the country. But it was at this time that such qualities as courage, friendship, mutual aid, courage, devotion were most clearly manifested ....
But they were characteristic not only of people, but also of their four-legged friends — animals: dogs, cats, horses, and other four-legged ones. And, of course, pigeons ...
Not many of us know about these four-legged heroes who saved hundreds of thousands of human lives. Our four-legged friends help us in any situation, even if it costs them their lives ....
Now it's time to help them !!!!!!
Dear friends!
Let's help animals: homeless, sick and those who are looking for a master. For animals to be in order, they need a house. So let's create shelters, where they will have everything they need. Care, love, and most importantly where they will be warm. Who can help because they all have dog houses....but they are not only at home, in the heat. They are everywhere. Let's create shelters together for dogs on all Russia, where will all necessary for their life. Let's help our four-legged friends together!!!!!!!

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