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We live in the middle of the forest. Our "Moon Glade" is a real abode of wild birds. A place where some of them found a temporary shelter before heading for free flight, while others found a permanent home. 
 In the "Moon Glade" Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center for Wild Animals, we help forest and field dwellers who are in trouble. 
 Our team: nature lovers, animal protection volunteers, as well as professional biologists and ornithologists. 
 Who just was not among our guests! 
 Practically all species of owls found in central Russia, small and large daytime predators, songbirds, and many mammals, from ferrets to raccoon dogs, visited “Lunnaya Polyana” ... 
 Center "Moon Glade" is based in the Vladimir region, where all the existing enclosures are located on a plot of only 30 acres. After moving to the Moscow region, we will have as many as 6 hectares of land at our disposal! 
 The administration of the Taldomsky region has allocated Lunnaya Polyana a large plot of land of several hectares for the construction of a large-scale Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which will meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region. We choose Taldom region for a reason: for the whole country it is famous for its forests and specially protected natural areas - this is an ideal place for the reintroduction of animals. 
 At the new place we will be able to provide qualified assistance to more than now, the number of animal species. We will build levadas for which there was no place before, and we will begin to accept ungulates in need, from roe deer to moose. 
 Spacious aviaries are waiting for other mammals: foxes, raccoon dogs, squirrels, martens and even wolves with lynx! 
 The same applies to birds: on several hectares of land allocated we will build aviary complexes for different species of birds, taking into account their characteristics and needs. Thus, we will be able to return suitable animals for release into nature. And we can leave animals that can not survive in the wild. The place will be enough for all those in need. 
 In addition, the new large-scale Center will open the doors not only for animals in need of help, but also for people who dream of getting in touch with Russia's amazing animal world. 
 The implementation of such a large project requires large expenditures.

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