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Our group is an association of volunteers. People who are not indifferent to the fate of stray animals, who are not used to thinking only of themselves, who do not know the word "Indifference" ... 
 We assist in the treatment of homeless animals, in finding a temporary or permanent home. 
 We do not have a shelter and we can not collect all the animals from the streets. 
 Our main goal is a humane reduction in the number of stray animals by sterilizing them. 
 We always need the help of volunteers: 
 1. posting ads on the city (areas) 
 2. posting ads on the Internet 
 3. placing ads in print media 
 4. search for new owners for homeless animals 
 5. emergency response groups by districts (volunteers who can help with catching, transporting dogs to veterinary clinics and to the shelter) 
 6. volunteers, ready and able to provide care for postoperative / sterilized dogs (injections, treatment of sutures, droppers, etc.) 
 7. vehicles for transporting animals 
 We need medicines, food, disposable diapers, bowls, toys, carrying. 
 We welcome any help!

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