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Page of Tatyana Khakimulina, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Forestry Academy and the Swedish Agricultural University.
 I work in an environmental organization, I deal with the conservation of wild taiga remains, GIS, and many more.
 I also take a great interest in watercolor, I try to post my works about the forest here and I will be happy with comments and suggestions.
 Last year, we created a forest channel on youtube ( ), in which we post videos about forests, forestry and its immediate problems.
 Of course, I would like to develop this channel further, in my opinion, this is a rather interesting and promising story.
 In 2019, I would like to add there more educational materials about forests and the proper handling of them, more field excursions with examples and discussions with specialists on specific economic activities.
 But this channel is made primarily for you, those who are interested in the forest theme.
 And of course, the more people watch our forest videos, the more interesting it is for us to create them. So subscribe to the channel, put likes, comment and help distribute our materials. Thank you for being with us!

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