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Starlings feed on bugs, destroy the caterpillars and harmful insects. This is the best ecological way to control insect pests. To increase the number of birds, they need more nests. And I decided to hang out the birdhouses in the forest. Artificial nesting places for birds can be hung during the whole warm season, and not just in spring. But after breeding chicks, birdhouses need to be removed and disinfected. As soon as the last chick leaves the house, it is necessary to clean the nesting box and thoroughly clean it from the inside with a solution - potassium permanganate. For this house must be with a removable roof. 
The main thing when choosing a birdhouse:  
 1) do not pamper the starlings with a spacious house. In a small house only two or three chicks will grow up, but they will be strong and healthy.  
 2) Do not hang out too many birdhouses, otherwise the bird's ecological niche will overflow, the conditions of feeding will worsen. Birdhouse can be bought, but you can do it yourself.
 Material: any boards (except conifers) with a thickness of at least 20 mm. The inner surface should be uneven, preferably with burrs and scuffs. Do not close gaps, birds will caulk them better and more reliably.
 Dimensions: the bottom is square, 10 x 10 cm or 12 x 12 cm, the height of the side walls is 30–40 cm, the diameter of the entrance is 5 cm. The entrance is in the middle of the front wall (the entrance should be close to the roof)
 Coating: it is desirable to do without morilok, nitrokrasok, varnishes and other impregnations.
 I hang a birdhouse to a height of 3 meters on any deciduous tree. Last year, I hung two birdhouses and watched the birds. The trees near the nests were stronger and greener, I did not see a single caterpillar on the leaves.
 This year I will expand the territory settled by starlings. I need more birdhouses !!

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