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We help all hedgehogs. We consult, we are looking for a house. We send to treatment, if necessary. 
 If you saw a hedgehog on the road help him, move him to a safe place. If a hedgehog is injured, it should be treated. 
 If you see a hedgehog in the forest, do not drag him home. You need to think: 
 1) wild hedgehog. A wild animal can only be happy in the wild. Would you like to be locked up in prison? So he does not want. 
 2) A hedgehog is a wild animal. Therefore, we can not exclude any sores. 
 3) Feed the hedgehog expensive and troublesome. By the way, milk is terribly bad for hedgehogs and even leads to death. Hedgehogs are predators, and insects are the best food for them. 
 4) Hedgehogs piss a lot and poop. Keeping a forest hedgehog in a cage is a mockery. 
 5) Forest hedgehogs are usually easy to adapt and get used to the person. If you took the hedgehog home, and a week later you realized that it was hard for you and decided to let go, you know, he may die having forgotten how to get food on his own. THINK BEFORE YOU DO. 

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