coins for charity

The shelter has existed since January 2003. During this time, we have saved more than 500 dogs. Our shelter contains animals with mutilated souls and bodies. 
 The shelter does not have state support and rich sponsors, the shelter exists only at the expense of small donations from kind and merciful people. These funds are not even enough for the monthly maintenance of animals: for food (for 200 dogs 60 kg of cereals and 80 kg of meat by-products or 100 kg of dry food), for food for sick dogs and puppies, medicines, visits to veterinaries, transportation costs ( the shelter does not have its car), land tax, utilities, households, inventory. 
 The shelter does not put to sleep the animals, but cares for them. We give animals for free to "good hands". The shelter provides the necessary care and treatment. To reduce the number of animals, if possible, they are sterilized. 
 To save the animals are needed: 
 1) feed (cereals, canned food, meat, etc.); 
 2) building materials; 
 3) inventory (shovels, buckets, carts for garbage collection, hoses, tanks, etc.); 
 4) reliable dog owners 
 5) volunteers for work and for walking dogs.

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