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BookCrossing is a hobby and social movement that operates on the principle of social networks and is close to a flash mob. A person, having read a book, leaves it (“frees”) in a public place (park, cafe, train, subway station), so that another, random person can find and read this book ..... and so on. 
 I love to read since childhood. Lot. But these little joys are too expensive for hectares of forests and paper factories. A read newspaper or magazine is almost instantly sent to the garbage. 
 Bookcases stand in many city parks. You can take a book, read it, return the book to its place or to another place. 
 And I organized a cabinet with books on my staircase so that neighbors could exchange books through it. In order not to spend money on the purchase of books and to protect the forest. 
 My dream: to organize such libraries in other houses.

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