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The Center for the Rehabilitation of Wild Animals, established on the basis of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Birds of Prey in the Novosibirsk Region, which has been operating for almost 7 years. The Center for the Rehabilitation is an association of volunteers involved in helping birds of prey in trouble, their treatment, rehabilitation, preparation for release and release of birds into their natural habitat.  
 All work of the Center is done by volunteers! 
 We have no sponsors, no state support. There is no paid employee in the Center. Also, the Center does not have a special machine and there is no rapid response team. 
 The entire staff of the Center is a team of volunteers, among whom are ornithologists and veterinarians, but mostly people of a wide variety of professions who have nothing to do with the rehabilitation of birds, who participate in the activities of the Center as far as possible. The most frequent patients of the Center are birds settling near the city - long-tailed owls, small falcons, eared and marsh owls. Most often, they are victims of highways, as well as windows and mirror facades of buildings. In this regard, the most common injuries with which birds get to us are craniocerebral injuries, broken wings, paws, bruises of internal organs, and injuries. After the rehabilitation course, the birds that are able to live independently again, we return to nature - we prepare for release and release in a suitable biotope. But, unfortunately, it happens that the injury does not allow the bird to restore flying skills and fully return to nature. We are looking for owners for such handicapped birds. 
 The center specializes in the rehabilitation of day and night birds of prey, forest and song birds, mammals and other wild animals. 
 The Center may accept ducks, near-water birds, if there is space at a given time, please check with the coordinators. 
 The center accepts nestlings of corvidae birds to be fed and prepared for release. 
 The center is located in private premises belonging to volunteers, so excursions around the Center, alas, are not provided. 
 However, we regularly organize CHARITABLE MEETINGS, where you can get acquainted with our volunteers and learn more about feathered patients. 
 The Center is not sponsored by the state or other organizations, all activities carried out by the Center are volunteering and free of charge. 
 We will be glad to any help, both volunteer and financial. 
 Money is spent on: 
 ✦ Medicines and consumables related to the treatment of birds 
 ✦ X-ray 
 ✦ Complex surgical operations (osteosynthesis, amputation, hospital in the clinic) 
 ✦ Special feeds for our patients (fish, insects, chickens)

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