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We are a group of tortoise enthusiasts. We love these animals and sincerely try to help turtles in trouble. 
 For us, turtles are not “pebbles on legs”, but favorite pets that you need to take care of. We keep turtles correctly, following all the recommendations of veterinarian herpetologists and reptile specialists. 
 We help to put turtles in really good hands. Some people are cruel to animals who cannot answer them. We take abandoned turtles, treat them and find good hosts for them. 
 In addition, we are promoting the proper maintenance of turtles, trying to break the stereotype prevailing in the townsfolk: "The turtle is an unpretentious animal that is comfortable under the battery or in a small aquarium." We are doing everything in our power to make people recognize the nuances of keeping turtles in captivity and make the lives of their pets as comfortable as possible. 
 We are trying to reduce the demand for smuggled turtles, since we consider it completely unacceptable to have a massive catch of turtles, especially Central Asian ones, listed in the Red Book. It is much better to take an abandoned turtle, because in this way 2 goals are achieved at once - the turtle, long accustomed to captivity, finds a new home. A turtle living in nature remains in its usual habitat conditions and is not subject to the horrors of capture and smuggling to points of sale. If you do not help preserve the turtles population now, soon we will be able to read about turtles only in books. 
 Unfortunately, we are not able to help everyone. But we are trying to do everything in our power. We fight with sellers of non-specialized pet stores that illegally sell turtles, and also try to prevent the sale of turtles on the streets and in the subway. 
 We participate in exhibitions, meetings and other events, we exhibit our own and various other turtles, spread information, communicate with those who want to have a turtle. We organize our own meetings, flash mobs, initiating various activities. 
 We welcome any help and attention! 

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