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Homeless animals care group. 
 Each of our volunteers organizes this activity on their own - animals are placed in houses, apartments, fed, provided with veterinary care and, most importantly, they are looking for owners. At the same time, no financial support from the state or municipality is received by community members. All activities are based on “naked enthusiasm”. However, moral satisfaction from the fact that another living soul was saved is much more important than money. 
 What help we need 
 1. Help with cash. Animals kept in overexposure constantly need feed, vaccinations, sterilization, and veterinary care. We will be glad to any material support. All funds are directed exclusively to the maintenance and treatment of stray animals. 
 2. You can purchase for our pets feed or natural products, trays and fillers for them, feeding bowls. Constantly required medication. 
 3. Constantly required temporary home. 
 4. Photographers help - for PR of pets, high-quality professional photos are required. 
 5. To transport animals to the hospital, for overexposure, etc. constantly required transport 
 6. Most importantly - we need owners for pets. You can take them to yourself! 
 7. Need help with spreading information about animals and our group.

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