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Vegan Belarus Community 
 The vegan community of Belarus is out of politics, nationalism, religion, aggression. 
 Only a healthy lifestyle for the planet and all its inhabitants. 
 Ethical consumption culture: 
 does not use animal products at all stages of production; 
 does not use animals for entertainment purposes. 
 Ethical culture: where people and the world thrive together in love and creation. 
 March 20 - International day without meat. 
 International Day without meat - this does not mean that only this day without meat. This is the day when events are held all over the world to tell people about the sufferings of animals that are tortured and killed for food. But people can live without killing animals for food !!! And be much healthier from that. 
 EVERY YEAR 55 billion animals — creatures capable of experiencing pain and fear — have been KILLED to be eaten by people all over the planet. Animals are born, raised and killed !! If you stop buying and eating meat, animals will stop killing. 
 We collect funding for a billboard in Minsk "ANIMALS - NOT A RESOURCE". 
 We are preparing the festival "VEGAN FEST 2019". We need any help!

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