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I lead a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes I get sick. And we must be treated. It is not always possible to purchase environmentally friendly products. It is especially difficult to find medicines that will not harm. I use a natural pharmacy. But I do not buy in the store, but I collect it myself. And I was faced with a problem. LIPA trees grow, mostly, only in the city. And flowers from a linden tree is the best medicine for many diseases. And I decided to grow my linden trees. 
 I Gathered the seeds in the fall. In winter it grew on the window. In the spring of last year I planted these young thin linden trees in my garden. In two years, the linden trees will grow stronger. I will plant trees in the forest at the site of old logging. We'll just have to wait and care for the sprouts of the trees. It is necessary to water the trees plentifully, to loosen the ground. I will ensure that the pests do not damage the leaves. There will be a lot of work. I have big plans: about 30 pieces of linden trees. I help Nature and Nature thanks me!

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