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The fund was established in 2008. Priority directions of our activity:  
treatment of injured and sterilization of homeless animals;  
search for good and reliable owners for homeless animals;  
propaganda sterilization / castration of pets among the population;  
the fight against animal abuse among the population, educational work with children;  
protection of wild animals, promotion of humane treatment of animals by refusing to attend events using animals (circuses, dolphinariums, contact zoos).  
The Foundation accepts cash donations, which will be used for the treatment and sterilization of stray animals, for the purchase of medicines for them.  
In Novocheboksarsk, our Foundation cooperates with the Fauna veterinary clinic. Basically, all the volunteers who turn to the Fauna from the Foundation are grandmothers who, with their last efforts and means, save and sterilize a large number of animals. This is our "emergency veterinary care" in the city. They do not have telephones to take photos of animals, there is no possibility to open the collection on the wall, there is no power to carry animals to receptions in Cheboksary. At the moment, the clinic again debt. Lydia Alekseevna, the only and long-term curator of the clinic, is forced to refuse to accept the grandmothers, which is why she is very upset and worried.  
Friends, help to prevent the closure of cooperation with this clinic, and animals, and especially elderly people, will suffer from this. We really hope for help!  
Animals really need our help. They cannot protect themselves. For them we do it.

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