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The purpose of our project ""World Ecology Mosaic" is to make the world better and safer for human habitation. 

"I woke up at night from the fact that the child began to cough and suffocate, his lips turned blue, his hands shook finely... " Mom "she whispered ... ...

Dirty air, from the exhaust of cars, dirty water from the waste industry, food of dubious quality - they kill our children. I can not calmly watch and wait for our children to suffer - the children are our future, for them to live on this Earth further. But what do we leave behind them?? 

We are all inhabitants of one house and our home - Earth. 
If trouble happens somewhere in the house, it will affect every inhabitant!

OUR IDEA is to make a film about the ecology of the country. Every country in the world. And now there are 251 countries in the world! 

We want to show the environmental problems of each country. Create an environmental rating of countries. Show the environmental problems that exist in the country. Identify environmental problems that need to be urgently addressed. 

One series, the duration of 45 minutes. 
The cost of one series 10 000 - 20 000 Helpico Coin (depending on the size of the country). 
Costs of each series: 
1. Preparation for a trip to the country (preliminary collection of material on environmental issues, obtaining permits for shooting). 
2. A trip to the country of the film crew of 4-5 people (expenses: equipment rental, road, accommodation, meals). 
3. Editing of footage.
4. Salary of the film crew. 

Who will see our series "World Ecology Mosaic"? The whole world will see him. We will post it for free on the video portal:

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