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If you find a WILD animal in trouble and want to help him, but do not know how:  
We can help: we will advise you, help you find information on how to properly care for this species and how to treat it. Let's provide some other feasible help.  
In the Holy Spirit Monastery, Father Basilisk helps birds in trouble 
Fifteen years ago, with the blessing of Metropolitan Volgograd and Kamyshin Herman (he lives in our monastery), we created a botanical garden. We collected a collection of plants of more than 80 species.
Birds have found their shelter with us.
The first appeared Chinese gold pheasant, followed by others (, but soon people brought birds to the monastery who got into trouble: Birds that were hit by cars, wounded by hunters.
I began to cooperate with the veterinary clinic. Together with Dr. Galina Borisovna Chulkova we saved hundreds of birds. Many birds returned to nature. Some birds remained with us, people took them to themselves.   

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