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Homeless animals need our help!  
They become victims of cruelty and indifference of people!  
They are not to blame for the fact that they were on the street, that they no longer needed someone!  
They cannot help themselves and cannot even ask for help!  
Show a little mercy and compassion!  
There are lots of ways to help animals, and they always need help!  
Only in our power to give them LIFE!  
In our city, dogs with green collars began to appear more and more often. They can be seen in different parts of the city. But not all people know what this collar means and what it is for!  
Green collar is worn exclusively on dogs that have undergone sterilization, as well as socially adapted, do not pose a danger to people, dogs.  
Each dog is assigned a sequence number. The dog must have a curator, whose duties include supervision of the dog, treatment of the dog from parasites and vaccination against rabies. All data about the dog and its curator are recorded in a special journal.  
At the moment, the city administration has promised not to shoot such dogs!  
Removing this collar from the dog, you put it at great risk!  
Our Homeless Animals in Kaliningrad are sterilized at a discount, this is a significant money saving.  
Money for sterilization is always needed, because There are always more animals in turn than cash ... (((And if an animal does not have a temporary home / overexposure, then money is also needed for the postoperative hospital in the clinic.  
We ask all caring people to provide material assistance!!! 

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