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The shelter for dogs "The Ark" is a public organization, fully existing through private donations.  
Only dogs are in the shelter. Cats are sterilized and released.  
The main goal of the organization is to help animals in distress - injured, sick, weakened, starving. As a rule, these are former pets that cannot survive on the street.  
All other stray animals are taken from the street only if there are free places. Each case is considered individually.  
The Ark also considers one of its main tasks to be to reduce the number of homeless animals by compulsory sterilization of homeless animals and popularize the sterilization of domestic animals.  
And of course, the Ark volunteers are trying to find a host for each animal in the shelter, so that each of our pets will find their home, and not spend their entire lives in a cage.  
We believe - every dog ​​and every cat will surely find its owner!  
We are a public organization and work on a voluntary basis, and we will be grateful for any help! Groats, feed, walking animals, photos of our dogs. 

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