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The fact that Ellina will have horses she could not imagine as long as her life did not change drastically with the birth of her son, who turned out to be sick with autism. Upon learning that horses help well in rehabilitating children with autism, she bought a pony to practice with her son. Then a sick horse was taken from the sport due to a severe injury. The horse successfully recovered and found a new home. After that, with success, Ellina began to help other sick horses. But not only horses found their home here, but many other animals that needed help. Often beaten and unnecessary by anyone, they reminded her of their misfortune.  
Noting the positive dynamics of the influence of animals on her son, she wanted to give this opportunity to other disabled children. This is how an unusual house appeared. “Unusual” because only here help special children to find a common language with us, and animals abandoned and betrayed by humans feel necessary.  
For horses, a small stable was built on 5 heads, an letnik and a levada. Over the years, the shelter has helped many horses. There was a foal in the shelter with a broken leg. And a 25-year-old mare with a bullet wound. And gelding thrown by the owners to die in the field.  
Today in the shelter of 7 horses. The course of treatment was not all animals. Having fully recovered from injuries, horses remain in the shelter. Pets got shelter to Ellina for various reasons: old, maimed, lost, picked up from the roads and thrown under the fence, bought out of bad hands or simply became unnecessary. I gathered a whole mini-zoo or, as I would like in the future, a mini-park for special children. Apart from the many dogs, constantly tossed puppies, kittens and birds, there are goats, mini-pigs, rabbits, donkey, lamb and many others.  
Now the whole economy rests on Ellina with her daughter and caring responsive people. To contain unnecessary sick animals is a loss-making and physically difficult business, therefore any, even the most insignificant, help is extremely important and valuable.  
In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people who have already helped, or are only going to help the shelter. Your caring gives Ellina the strength not to give up and continue this difficult task.

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