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The Polistovsky Reserve was established on May 25, 1994 with the aim of preserving and studying the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, the genetic fund of flora and fauna, certain species and communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecological systems of flora and fauna of the largest upper bog in Europe.   
The Polistovye is one of the few islands of wildlife preserved in the European part of Russia. This land of lakes, high bogs, "diving" rivers appeared here after the retreat of the Valdai glacier more than 10 thousand years ago.   
Objectives of the reserve:   
Protection of the territory;   
Environmental monitoring and research;   
Environmental education of the population;   
The development of eco-tourism.   
The preserved landscapes of wetlands of the Polistovo-Lovatskaya lowland are full of secrets and attract people with their special beauty. We invite you to eco-trails of the reserve, to the world of silence and unhurried rhythm of Living Nature!   

Polistovsky Reserve invites volunteers for the season of 2019!  
We have prepared 12 programs in various fields.   
Volunteer programs in the Polistovsky Reserve - 2019:   
1. Scientific volunteering (April-October)   
We invite volunteers to take stock of mushrooms, monitor vegetation, count birds on the fly, on an expedition to study the elusive Central Russian white partridge and the amazing black-necked loon. Join us, discoveries are inevitable.   
2. Territory cleaning (April)   
Traditionally, in April, we clean up the water ecological route "From Swamps to the Ocean". If you do not have special knowledge, but really want to make the world a better place, and at the same time to be on the water route the very first in 2019, this program is for you.   
3. Children's trip (June, July)   
This summer we have two campaigns for schoolchildren. The children will live in tents, cook on a fire, enjoy marching romance and get to know the nature of the Polistov. The task of the volunteers: together with the staff of the reserve to organize field research, tourist training courses, creative activities and games for them. We promise, it will be interesting to everyone - both children and adults!   
Welcome, we need your help!

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