coins for charity

I want to help the birds, who in the bustle of the city delight us with their singing.
In parks and squares, gardens and courtyards need to hang feeders. Feeders should be durable, aesthetic, reliable and safe for birds.
You can temporarily build feeders from natural material- plastic bottles and boxes to feed the birds to the place.
In the plans:
- buy feeders (cost of one feeder 1-5 Helpico) approximately 100 pieces.
- buying of feed about  5 Helpico per day. 
Feeding season - as snow falls, approximately from November to April - 5 months.
- the cost of delivery of food, repair feeders 2 Helpico per day.
100 feeders * 5 Helpico  + 30 days * 5 months * 5 Helpico  + 150 days * 2 = 1550 Helpico for the winter season
Most birds hibernating in our country eagerly eat all sorts of cereal mixtures for canaries and parrots or simply seeds, but not fried and unsalted. Salt is very harmful to birds. Titmouses are often fed with pieces of fresh unsalted lard, as well as frozen butter and meat.
Help feed the birds and save their lives! In winter, it is difficult for them to find food under the snow. And many die of hunger.
The first three photos - a state of feeders in the parks of the city now, the rest of the photos are the state in which I have had feeders in the city.

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