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Sochi National Park is located in a unique subtropical zone, between the spurs of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast.   
The basis for the creation of the Sochi National Park was a number of reasons: the problem of preserving the standards of nature, undisturbed ecosystems and their gene pool; the uniqueness of natural complexes, which are the largest center for the conservation of the oldest Tertiary-relict Colchian flora; the growing recreational role of forests in the conditions of the intensive development of the resort of Sochi; the inadmissibility of the use of resort forests for business purposes.   
The following main goals and objectives are assigned to the national park:   
1. preservation of natural complexes, unique and standard natural sites and objects;   
2. preservation of historical and cultural sites;   
3. environmental education of the population;   
4. creation of conditions for regulated tourism and recreational recreation in natural conditions;   
5. development and implementation of scientific methods for the preservation of natural complexes in conditions of recreational use;  
6. environmental monitoring;   
7. restoration of disturbed natural and historical-cultural complexes and objects;   
8. development of scientific, technical, informational and cultural cooperation with the protected territories of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, other organizations, enterprises and institutions in accordance with the goals and objectives of the national park;   
9. protection and reproduction of forests, based on the principles of sustainable forest management and conservation of biological diversity of forest ecosystems, improving the ecological and resource potential of forests of the national park.   
In the Sochi National Park they plan to introduce a system of separate collection of recyclables.   
In the Lower Sochi forestry was already the 5th campaign for the collection of garbage. We constantly make sure that such landfills do not arise, and when they are found, we try to take all the necessary measures and legal instruments to catch red-handed and bring to justice those responsible for their occurrence. Dear fellow citizens, please observe the cleanliness and order in the territory of the Sochi National Park!

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