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A resident of the state of Maharashtra Prakash Amte (Prakash Amte) earned worldwide recognition for his contribution to environmental activities. He has been helping wild animals since the 70s. It all started by chance. Walking through the woods with his wife, Prakash noticed a group of hunters from the Madia Gond tribe, walking home with their prey. This tribe lived in the traditional way; hunting was the only source of their food. However, one animal, a new-born monkey, was still alive. Upon learning that people in the village would kill her, Prakash agreed to exchange food and clothing.   
New-born monkey began to grow up in the house of Amta and became friends with the dog. The whole family liked this so much that Prakash again went to the people of Madia Gond, making a kind of deal with them: they agreed to give him the live young of the animals they killed in exchange for food and belongings. After some time, jackals, leopards, palm martens, monkeys, gubach bears, antelopes, snakes, crocodiles, peacocks, porcupines, and other animals already lived near the house of Amteh: 300 individuals in total. Grown up kids were released in the natural environment, and in their place were new. This attracted the attention of neighbors, but local authorities did not see a big problem. They proposed to fence the site, and then the work of the shelter could be continued. Currently, the family takes care of 90-100 animals: the reason was the decrease in the volume of hunting by people from the Madia Gond tribe. In the past they lived far away from civilization and roads and did not even know the methods of agriculture. Having learned to grow food, Madia Gond began to kill fewer animals. The Amta family also made a great contribution to this: it drew the attention of the government to the status of the tribe, and the spouses themselves opened a hospital where they provided free medical care.   
Today, Animal Ark shelter is home to leopards, bears, snakes, birds, deer, owls, crocodiles, hyenas and monkeys. They are cared for not only by the founders of the orphanage, but also by their children and grandchildren. Prakash Amte has many international awards, films are made about him, and the Principality of Monaco even issued a stamp in his honor.  

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