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Alexandra Levitskaya organized a shelter for farm animals “Ugolyok” - one of the largest in the world. This is where animals that were supposed to be killed just like that - not to be fed. She understands that animals are not a product, and treats them humanly.   
The work of the shelter is not one day, or even a month. We are creating a new world for them, at least we are trying very hard.  
Animal transfer rules:  
1. The animal is given only in good conditions to persons not younger than 20 years! (only parents write to me! no children!)  
2. It is forbidden to transfer the animal to third parties. Moving an animal without our consent is also prohibited!  
3. The animal is forbidden to reproduce! It is forbidden to earn money or use for personal gain!  
4. All animals are microchipped and recorded on the organization! Therefore, in case of any non-compliance with the contract, the animal returns to the shelter at the expense of the receiving party!  
All contracts are legally binding and in case of non-compliance, the case is sent to the court!  

Dear friends!  
We are now in the process of moving and creating a larger shelter for all animals. Repair of premises. transportation of animals, purchase of feed. treatment of those who need medical help and much more.  
Only with your support can we successfully build a new safe home for all who need our protection! 

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