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The national park was formed on June 20, 1993 in order to preserve the unique natural complex of pine and birch forests.  
The total area of ​​the park is 49,050 ha. Forest land makes up about 90% of the area. In the remaining part of the territory there are swamps, reservoirs, a very small part of the area is occupied by hayfields, arable land and pastures. The park is dominated by coniferous trees, which are represented by pine, spruce, fir and larch. Under the canopy of pine forests there is a relic of the postglacial era - heather ordinary. Hardwoods are dominated by aspen, alder, linden and especially birch. In the floodplain of Pyshma, grass-forb meadows and sedge-grasses are preserved. Also here there are such rare plant species as the lily martay, Siberian iris.  
Characteristic representatives of the fauna of the Pripyshminsky pine forests are: squirrel, white hare, muskrat, marten, lynx, badger, ermine, wolf, fox, raccoon dog, brown bear, roe deer, elk, wild boar, beaver. Among the birds characteristic are hazel grouse, black grouse and wood-grouse.  
We conduct research and monitoring, take care of the safety of territories and the preservation of the genetic fund of the animal and plant world, save many rare animal species from extermination, study and preserve typical and unique ecological systems, prevent the penetration into reserves and national parks of violators.  
On our own initiative and to the best of our abilities, we conduct environmental campaigns and events.  

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