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I represent the group "Ecolat ...".
The project "Ecolat" was created to teach children’s love of nature. Funny heroes - Naughty, Clever, Quiet, Herringbone - will help to get to know nature better, make friends with her and love her. These heroes come to the children in kindergarten, school and conduct classes with children about nature, organize competitions. Children listen with interest and curiosity about the need to protect nature - do not leave trash in the forest and on the lake after a picnic. Do not tear the plants, do not break the trees. Boys should not shoot slingshots for fun at birds.
We must take care of nature - to help wild animals and birds when they are bad and cold and have nothing to eat. 
Our  Ecolat  are people from 5% of the population of the Earth. They not only survive, but also do! September 15, we participated in the World Day of Purity, together with 150 countries. Ecolyates removed garbage from the coast of the Gulf of Finland in the Sestroretsk area. Ecolyats collected only bottles - plastic and glass. The rest of the garbage was collected by adults. And the nature has presented us this day fine weather!
What help do we need? Anyone! 
The main thing - love, take care and protect the nature!

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