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Bluemoon Animalcenter Hurghada. Animal Protection Center in Hurghada. Egypt.  
Monica Karera Gad El Karim, the founder of the Center and the instigator of the movement to protect  
animals, organized a shelter at home back in 2002. Sick, old and unhappy animals find support here. They would not have survived on the streets of the city.  
She later acquired 53,000 m2 of land for the development of a charitable animal husbandry. His goal was free support for sick and wounded animals, as well as educational work on animal rights.  
Today, the animal shelter "The Blue Moon" contains 120 cats and 60 dogs. In addition, there live 35 donkeys, camels, horses, goats and many small animals - only about 300 individuals. The center has days for visits, and anyone can walk around the farm unhindered throughout the day and view its inhabitants.  
We hope for your attention and for your help. 

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