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"Yongin Animal Protection Association" (YPAP).
Yongin Pound is located in Yongin City, Gyonggi Province, South Korea.  
YPAP is made up of people like you, all with a common goal of helping neglected and abandoned dogs.  
YPAP’s aim is to rehome as many dogs as possible. YPAP is 100% volunteer run to support International Canine Adoption & Canine Adoption of foreigners living in South Korea.  
Yongin Pound has an average of 7 abandoned animals checked into the pound everyday! The pound faces a constant uphill battle due to a fundamental problem in Korea: the supply of dogs exceeds demand.  
Most "shelters" in Korea are kill-shelters where animals are killed within 10 days of being found. YPAP is one of the few shelters that does not euthanize. This is possible because of two ladies, "Diksene and Clala", who started a local adoption support group of over 2,000 members called "Yongin Animal Protection Association".  
Now we are asking you- the international rescue community- to join Yongin to support and help find families for the abandoned pets of Korea.  
Please contact us when you find a new family member in this page when going through the photos!  
The Korean Website of Yongin Pound where you can see more pictures of abandoned dogs are available in the address below!   
We now have a separate page for updates on the dogs that have been adopted from the pound: please go to  to see their new lives!

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