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The zoo was founded in 1954 by His Serene Highness Prince Renier III after returning from Africa. Impressed by what he saw, the prince decided to open a “small piece of Africa” in Monaco.  
Among its inhabitants about two and a half hundreds of animals, representing 50 species.  
These are mainly abandoned animals, or old circus animals that have completed their performances, or animals that zoos have refused.  
All animals have a different fate, someone lives out his age in the walls of the shelter. Zoo staff treat sick animals. Healthy animals are returned to wildlife.  
For example, zoo staff are very proud of the return to nature of several leopards.  
Here they love all the animals that came to them and take great care of them.  
Children are happy to communicate with domestic rabbits and goats. This is very important if the child understands what is good, what is caring, and that all animals need love... 

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